Along the Way with John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

Doug and I were interviewed! Check it out…

A Life Inspired

John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life Photo Credit: John Kurth of

Sometimes the biggest disasters are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Okay, so maybe the not a licensed physician, but something more along the lines of a cosmic doctor. You might say ‘God’ or ‘a higher power’ or ‘life’s purpose.’ However you phrase it, it’s presumable that you seem to have an understanding of the external forces that define and guide us.

After a defining yet painful moment in his life, John embarked upon a journey that altered his perception about life, particularly what he was doing with his.

As a result, he and I crossed paths and now I’m able to share his work and his words with you in hopes that your eyes will be opened to the amazing opportunities that may be right in front of you even if they are cloaked in tragedy.


Your blog is packed with a immense value…

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  1. Hey John,

    I left my comment on your interview over on Sandra’s page yesterday. I loved your interview so! I wasn’t sure where to comment, though, I apologize. I hope you got to see it 🙂

    Thank you for all you do to inspire us. It really means a LOT. More than you probably know.

    Peace, always,


    1. Hey Allison- Thanks for the kind comments both here and on Sandra’s page. I appreciate your encouragement as well as the thoughts that you share.

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