Why Not Fly?




  1. Great question! Fear and uncertainty often tie us down to the same place, I think

    1. I agree… And there usually isn’t a good reason for either.

  2. I really agree. Im starting to realize that more these days. Just so much to see.

    1. Me too… We only have to stay put if we choose to.

  3. Good question. Fear seems to come to mind that acts like shackles around the ankles to keep one tied and bound. Hmmm……xx Amy

    1. Fear is the main reason we all stay where we are in life. The big question is, what are we afraid of?

      1. Tell me when you arrive at the answer. (smiling) I’ve looked fear in the face time and time again, and I keep going regardless.

  4. I pretty much LOVE where I am. If I didn’t love it..I would go somewhere else:) Chicago is my city and She’s part of me, She’s in my blood. She is beautiful and strong and she raised me to love Her. From Her skyscrapers (sigh) to Her lakeshore…beauty, beauty, beauty. Home. Roots. Love. Wonder. Joy. Everything. I haven’t found anything like Her anywhere else. There is no place I would rather be. As far as the rest of my life goes, I fly. I always take risks and I always go for what I want. I have lived full out for my whole life. It’s been a fabulous ride. I have no regrets, not one.

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