Find The Purpose.




  1. Wow. Most insightful thing I’ve read all day.

    1. I’m glad I shared it for you to find then…

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  3. This so applies to my day! I have been fighting to accept a situation and today the break came when I realized that maybe (just maybe) the situation is bigger than me. Thank you for posting this quote!

    1. Hey Carin- I’m glad that my post reached you when you needed it. I can’t hope for more than that…

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    This is the theme of our memoir, Perfect Timing. Our lives are full of evidence. David and I came to the same place and time to plant a seed in our youth. It was no accident that we had to go on separate journeys over a period of 39 years to become ready to meet again, to be ready to travel and learn and grow together when the time was right. Never give up hope. Miracles are in the making!

  5. Thanks! This is beautiful. I’ve re-blogged. It sums up the theme of Perfect Timing, our memoir in progress!

    1. Good! I’m glad it is useful to you.

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