Redirect Your Energy.




  1. In what ways did / have you started to redirect your energy?

    1. Creating and maintaining this blog is the major way…

      1. I see. May I ask you something? Do you or have you ever written anything…… but hesitated to post and share it on your blog?

      2. No. I post everything I write, My philosophy is to be honest and open- It seems to be the best way to reach others and help them…

      3. That is positive to read. I only wish to be able to apply this, and hope you continue on your journey.

        I thank you for sharing.

  2. My goal is to give MORE energy to my dreams than my fears. It often takes a conscious effort. Besides the fact that what we focus on gets bigger, it’s more fun to focus on our heart’s desires. Imagine how wonderul it will be when…….(fill in the blank.)

    1. Exactly! Fear seems to be the default for humans. It does take work to direct our energy and efforts towards our dreams… I’m doing this every day and it’s worth the effort.

  3. Love the owl. 😉

    1. I found this pin on Facebook and thought I would share it. I love it too…

  4. To convert fear into a weapon…my dream

    1. That’s a good dream…

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