My Dog Ate My Laptop (Metaphorically).

No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected~ Julius Caesar

Oops, did I just kill your laptop?

Oops, did I just kill your laptop?

I was thrown off my blog posting schedule for 24 hours… Yesterday, my dog Sunshine ran through the living room and yanked the power cord out of my laptop. It somehow broke and my laptop quickly ran out of power…

I found a replacement on Amazon and had it overnighted to me, and it just arrived.

I missed posting my inspirational quote last night and missed writing a Connect With Your True Self post today… I’ll be back on track tomorrow though.

It was strange to not have my laptop standing by, waiting to spring into action. I felt disconnected.

Between my blog and my soon to be revealed online business efforts, I feel like I’m staring at a screen every moment I’m awake.

I still had my Kindle, but it’s difficult to actually write anything on it, so I felt unplugged…

At first I felt guilty… I needed to be working! I woke up this morning and decided to just enjoy the day with no pressure to be online and working… I took a nap… I cooked breakfast… I didn’t do much productive.

I now realize it’s healthy to have time away from my screen, even if it’s forced. Too much hunching over and tapping can’t be good for me.

I’m thinking about taking a computer free day for myself on a regular basis. Sometimes I forget there’s a real world all around me, waiting to be explored. Maybe I’ll go watch some birds, and I don’t mean the angry kind that launch themselves at green pigs…



  1. dreambig2day · · Reply

    That’s so true. We’re so reliant on technology. Good luck with your “no technology day” 🙂

    1. It’s only been since I started my blog that I feel married to the laptop. It’s hard to take a break…

  2. It does work committing to a non computer day…. surprisingly easy after the first time or two you do it… for me it also means my cell access to the net… lucky for me I can’t have it on while at work… so no beeping whirling. .or chirping at me telling me that something is going on..

    Good luck with your efforts. .

    1. Thanks- I really need to put the effort towards doing this. Even on days when I tell myself I’m not going to post, I end up online reading other blogs and checking my stuff… I think I’m addicted!

  3. I see the culprit there, with his broad, knowing smile. Maybe he was trying to tell you something. Or maybe Doug put him up to it?

    1. I wouldn’t doubt Doug was behind it… He doesn’t like to work…

  4. I love that photo!! It really IS healthy to unplug on a regular basis. Such a double edged sword, our technology world. Great post!

    1. Thanks! That’s my Sunshine dog… A pain and a blessing all in one.

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