It’s Risky.




  1. WOW I was just guiding someone who is in survival mode to do something that is NOT easy for her but will make her soul sing! GREAT message !

    1. well i was unguided by a dishonest soul that said she loved me like none other ever for 5 years to only betray me and drop me on lmy ass a month ago 😦 our blueangelwolf is so wunderful now huh,,, gives love a bad name really she does …cant help people who lie cheat and abuse others unless they want help themselves is the end story here and if ya want to live in fear false evidence appearing real forver then go right ahead..has only hurt on this loving soul:( great message for those of whom are not hipocrytes an nor liars julie! namaste . its risky to love someone that is a man hater is bout the bottom line and a judgemnental unrightious self serving soul 😦 all there is to it! bye..some people will never be free from the burdon if fear john and live in true love without fear guiding it is all also john,,,keep the good stuff coming its good for some of the world even if not blueangelwolf :(..KARMA WILL NOW BE HERS FOR LIFE IS ALL I CAN SAY….. 😦 ……..Q

    2. It’s very difficult but too important not to address.

  2. how true doug how true, well thought out…greg

  3. Yikes! This feels too close to home. I believe it will get me moving a bit faster in the direction of my dreams. Thanks!

    1. Same for me Joanna, which is why I shared it.

  4. Reblogged this on Write Here Write Now and commented:
    Inspiration 🙂

  5. At 66 I’ve done my best to live the road less travelled, it’s no good putting stuff off until whenever because you don’t know what will happen in your life. This was brought home to me recently with the deaths at 41 of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and the BBC announcer and reporter, Komla Dumor. Live your life now, to the full, right to the brim!

    1. Thanks for the input. It’s frightening to realize that life isn’t forever. I wish I realized this at a younger age. I’ll be 43 in March so hopefully I have a long path yet to travel… But you never know.

  6. Love this quote! Saw it twice today! 🙂

  7. couldn’t have said it better myself. very true!

  8. Doug, this is just about the best advice anybody could get! Thanks!

    1. I thought the same thing when I found it, which is why I shared it…

  9. We cannot possibly know what someone else thinks or believes. We only get hurt when we think we know. Remember this truth and never be hurt by anybody ever again! Good to know!

    1. It’s enough work trying to keep ourselves straight, without worrying about what others think…

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