The Monkey Business of Love: Venus is the Key to Understanding Your Pri(Mate)

Doug got his first Valentine!

Soul Passages Astrology

Heart Throb of the Universe: Valentine Doug Heart Throb of the Universe: Valentine Doug

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and about 3 trillion of you are scratching your primate like noggins (and perhaps armpits!) wondering what you should do to please your pri(mary) Mate on this most auspicious of days. Valentine Doug, gallant monkey that he is, has arrived with a courtly gesture from the blog/website “Doug Does Life,” to help you figure out your true love. As you know, Doug is a funny, fuzzy carefree monkey with a spiritual side to him. He has a wicked sense of humor and true creative talent that shows up strongly in his astrological chart. Over the next little while, however, his primary mission is to help you to stop scratching and wrestle-tangling with cats (Bad monkeys do that sometimes!). Instead, he desires to teach you what makes your true love happy by exploring the planet Venus as she sashays…

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  1. I LOVE it !!!! ❤

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