Be Accomplished.




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    This is so good it deserved sharing….


  2. It is the small things in life that make a difference, isn’t it. The big things in life come and go quickly. But the small things we do, daily, really add up. Excellent.

    BTW, this original Doug I now have in my possession (and you are even cuter in person than you are over cyber) has energy embeded into it! Very Electric!

    You are missing OUUUT !!! 🙂


    1. There’s added Doug-ness in the picture I sent!

  3. Sometimes we are afraid to try because of all the work it takes to be successful!

    1. And the fear of success itself is present in some.

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    This fits my own life right now. I want to start a Facebook business page to sell my artwork but I’m afraid of all the red tape, paperwork involved.

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