1. YES ! Everything is life I see as a GIFT ! And that includes you Monkeys! I just received the most beautiful, ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind Doug Masterpiece. This is already priceless and will hang in a museum one day. Everyone Loves Doug and you support him with your words but do you support him with your pocket book? These two Monkeys are our true innovators. They are an example of the NEW that is coming in to replace the old. This Earth that we have managed to make ugly is hardest on the likes of Doug because they do NOT fit in. They are special in the most expansive way. They are here to help in the most expansive way. And they are helping many! So I decided to give back. When you give to another you are also giving to yourself. I never expected to receive such a beautiful work of art and I am so proud of it. Thank you, you two Monkeys, for coming into my life. YOU ARE A GIFT to this Earth and to Humanity! Love You Both ! Julie

    1. Thanks Julie! I’m glad you like the Doug drawing… You’re been a great supporter of us since the beginning.

      You have a way of summing up what we’re trying to do that always hits the mark. Thanks for cheering Doug and me on!

  2. Great image. Great quote!

  3. I can’t read all the words 😕

    1. “Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness”
      – Eckhart Tolle

      1. I think life just gave me self-imposed abject humiliation. Does that count? Thank you for posting that for me to read. I think God or the universe is trying to tell me something. I’ve read several blogs for whom I could be the poster child 😁 which means I must have done something “not quite right.”

      2. Or, you’re still learning, like we all are. Allow yourself to accept the lessons… I know, easier said than done. I struggle to do so as well…

      3. Thank you for the encouragement

  4. But it’s on my end.

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