Who And What Is In There?

The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept.~George Carlin

What’s on your mind?
What will you find inside?

What will you find inside?

In our last post, Doug and I shared a way to create a passageway that leads inward, to our true selves. We’re going to expand on this, travel down the path and see what we find at the end.

It’s good to think of a question that you need an answer to before turning inwards. This will provide focus for your imaginings, and help to guide your thoughts.

I do this exercise regularly to stay in touch with myself. Below is what I experienced during one of my first visits inward…

Who? What? How?

I used to start my inward journeys from a large stone that rested in the middle of a field near my childhood home. My first journey started there… I imagined sitting on the stone at night (I had a dream long ago about sitting on this stone, which is why I chose it as my starting point.).

An opening formed under the stone, and I entered it. The passageway seemed resistant to me… I had to wade through, pushing the darkness with my hands. Nervousness went with me, and I had to restate my intention of visiting my inner landscape a few times to stay on track.

Eventually, I emerged into a sunlit meadow… it was ringed with trees. I now realize it was the seed of my inner landscape,from which I would develop it to the richness it has now.

An old woman, all white- hair, skin, clothes- waved to me from the tree line I waved back… The air was warm and the light was unnaturally bright… but in a pleasant and reassuring way.

Nothing else happened during this first journey… I accomplished my goal of going inwards. In time, I’ve developed my inner landscape with great detail, and have met various aspects of myself… It takes time, so don’t be discouraged if nothing much happens at first.

As you become used to this thought exercise, you’ll open up and allow more creativity to emerge.


Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.

Close your eyes.

Think of a problem you want an answer to… It can be simple or complex, but make it one you’ve been pondering about. Form it into a question to ask yourself… How should I make a living? Is this job right for me? Why am I unhappy… Whatever is on your mind.

Follow the suggestions and relaxation exercise from the previous post. Keep the question you have in the forefront of your consciousness.

Descend through your passageway. Keep going until you reach the end… Step through.

Where are you? Is anyone or anything there to meet you?

What are your impressions of your inner landscape? What insight can you gain concerning your question just by examining the environment you created?

You may be in a field, the ocean, an old study… Wherever your mind takes you, go with it.

If your inner self is there, great! Approach them and ask your question. Listen carefully. Don’t censor the answer you receive…

At first, you may not meet anyone… Our brains are a bit weird sometimes, and this a new process for most. It may take a while to get your mind on board with it. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually meet some aspect of yourself. You might even meet an animal, or something that normally isn’t alive… It all depends on how creative you allow yourself to be.

Takes some time to explore… Is it bright or subdued? Are there others-animals, people, anything? Make your inner landscape real for yourself… Flesh out the details.

When you’re ready, thank your inner self (or whoever you met, if you met anyone) and ascend back up your passageway. Exit your opening and open your eyes…

Write down what you experienced before you forget… We’ll keep expanding on it.

I do this exercise a lot to gain insight on whatever is going on in my life. It’s useful to find clarity and focus with this exercise. Imagining my mind as a landscape with actual constructions and beings to interact with produces answers to questions I can’t solve in the everyday conscious world. Creativity is a powerful thing…

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  1. I like the way you think. This is a great meditation exercise to meet the inner-self… I will try it. And again… and again. Thank you for sharing… I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens!

    1. Hey David- Thanks. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your results.

  2. John, guess what? I had results… even if they weren’t what I expected. I found myself at a table talking with my late paternal grandmother (my late aunt was present too). My grandmother asked me about my grandfather…”wasn’t he a good, kind soul!?”… I agreed… then told her it would seem “painful” to lose a mate while still having many years left… like she did (she lived to be 100). That was pretty much it… but I’m rather surprised I “got something” on my first attempt. I will do another session today… Thank you 🙂

    1. Great Dave! You never know what you’ll find, if you allow yourself to be open… Keep at it. I think you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and insight in to a lot of questions you may have… Keep me posted.

      1. Thank you! I’m not sure why my bygone relatives are now appearing in my inner visions… but my latest one featured me at a buffet table and my grandfather held up a piece of fruit that had been nibbled on, but not finished. “Did you see this?” he asked, and I said, “Yes. Half-eaten fruit.” I find this interesting, and I can find a few relevant meanings in this… I also find it interesting that I ”woke up” immediately after these two recent “dreams”. Years ago I followed a “past-life” hypnosis meditation course… and it seemed without fail, I would fall asleep and that would be that… Thanks again, John. After browsing your site a bit further I have discovered a few more treasures to dig up… 😉

      2. Glad to hear it Dave. I’ve been busy in real life the past couple of days but tomorrow I pan to get back to work on the Connecting With Your True Self series… I’m happy to have you following along.

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