Avoid Boxes.




  1. Doug,
    Yes, definitely avoid boxes that is the only sure way to avoid getting “stuck” in them.


    1. And people who try to put you in them…

  2. And don’t be afraid to break the box open wide… using bare fists… feet… even teeth… to prove you’ve been there all along… while your sweet one has been in their own cardboard cage…

  3. …kicking and screaming in a sustained note of b sharp…

    1. Yeah Dolphin, chew through that box!

      1. Haha! I finally gorged my way out… and I even have enough compost to make my garden flourish! 😉

  4. I am so Pinning this! Tank you! Aslo good one: People love you untill you become a competition.

    1. Thanks- I love Pinterest…

  5. Reblogged this on All Things Beautiful…All beauty in nature, women's fashion, art, home decor, etc! and commented:
    Great message! Always stay true to yourself!

  6. well, since i myself have been put into a box that i do not agree with nor live wish to live within, i guess the best thing one can do is find a way to get out of the box huh! Thanks for the inspiration as always monkey man! 🙂 Q

    1. Hey Q- Glad you were inspired. Boxes are for the convenience of the one who puts you in it.

  7. So many boxes. I am a consistent disappointment to the boxers in my world and for that I celebrate!!!

  8. RUN from those people…fast and stay away.

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