Find Some FLowers.




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    Just love this!

  2. There is no normal, but there is easy and lazy. 🙂 Neither of which I chose when I decided to come to this Earth. The harder your path, the Mightier your Soul !

    1. I agree Julie- It’s difficult to avoid the easy and lazy… They’re traps waiting for us.

  3. I love this quote! I’ve always thought the word ‘normal’ sounded sad and colourless — and now I know why : )

    1. It rings of settling, and conforming,,,

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    Perfect Analogy. Be Different.

  5. an ordinary life is a sad life

    1. Yes, but everyone has a different idea of ordinary… Which makes everything interesting!

  6. I absolutely love this!

    1. I’m glad you like it…

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    beautiful and true!

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