Use The Force.




  1. It is a matter of learning to trust, isn’t it?

    1. I believe so, which is easier said than done for me.

  2. Reblogged this on Break the mold and commented:
    The entire universe is in YOU.

  3. I love this ! It’s all about making a “partnership” with the “force.”

    Did you know that “skywalker” was taken from the Bible? A term used to indicate The Christed one.

    He knew how to partnership with the “force.” And we also have the seed planted, right in our human hearts!

    In Love,


    1. Hey Julie-I didn’t know that about Skywalker… Thanks for sharing. I do know the story is heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell’s writings… Another interest of mine.

  4. You’re closer to me than the air I breathe, that fills my lungs and oxygenates my blood. Your love circulates through every fiber of my being, and yet, you are closer than that. This aura of pure light radiates out of this body in all directions as limitless as time. Caressed above, below, within and without by your soft gentle presence that always leaves me knowing, I am never alone. This is your love that radiates through me, like a mirror casting its shadow on everything it touches.
    The greatness of this love is made manifest through the absolute resolve of a trust so complete that you walk blindly ahead…step by step, not caring where you are going…as long as you’re going with Him. * smiles*
    I love, loving You.

  5. Shanna Daly · · Reply

    May the Force be with you

    1. And also with you…

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