Home To Sunny Florida.

You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home.~Og Mandino

Doug and I started towards home yesterday after a week visiting family in Georgia. It was cold, windy and not like what we’re used to in Florida.

We froze our tails off!

We froze our tails off!

You can imagine our relief when we crossed the border back into Florida and were greeted with…

Below freezing weather!

Where is our tropical paradise? It’s supposed to get down to 17 degrees F Tuesday night…

I think the Georgia weather followed us home, jealous of the unseasonal warmth we’ve been enjoying thus far.

Of course, Florida gets cold too, in spite of what the rest of the country thinks. I guess I was hoping to get home and soak up a bit more sunshine before winter settles in for a few months.

Oh well. The cold is forcing me to stay inside, catch up on my blogging and continue to plan out my next series of posts.

Doug said he hopes everyone is staying warm. I made him go outside and look for the snow shovel… We don’t have one, and it never snows here.

Sometimes, I almost feel guilty teasing Doug… Almost.



  1. It has definitely been bizarrely cold around here the past couple of days. I’m in Orlando and it was so cold that every person in the city needed to whine about it to every one they came in contact with yesterday! It was cold again this morning, but It is already starting to warm up. People don’t understand that we do get winter around here, it’s just that it only comes for a few days at a time and then it warms back up before getting cold again in another week or so.

    Glad your travels were safe!

    1. Hey Brantley- I live up near Jacksonville and the people are a bit more used to the cold. We’re supposed to get down to 17F tonight and tomorrow night… Luckily I was born up north so I shouldn’t shrivel up and die like some natural born Floridians will…

      Thanks for stopping by…

  2. How the weather is frightful … we have cold here to. Monday might be as bad as -40 with the windchill .. Stay warm~!

    1. -40 with windchill… That’s almost 0 degrees kelvin on a Florida thermometer!

  3. Lorraine · · Reply

    I live in North East PA (NEPA) and it’s in the single digits here, sometimes below zero.

    1. I remember that weather. I spent the first 19 years of my life in Upstate New York. I don’t miss the weather…

  4. Ou should come out here to California, it’s like summer, no kidding!

    1. We were too until a week a couple weeks ago. I miss summer already.

  5. We have just arrived back from our trip down to the Southern end of Australia. 2 days of driving in extreme heat. It was still 41 degrees Celsius (106 Fahrenheit) on Fri night at 6.30pm, after apparently reaching 50 degrees in the afternoon (122 Fahrenheit)!! One of the worst heatwaves we’ve had for New South Wales and Queensland.

    1. Hi Penny- Wow! I think I’d take our weather over yours. We never get that hot, even in the middle of summer.

      I was thinking about the Southern Hemisphere the other day… We’re up here freezing and you guys are enjoying (or suffering) summer… It’s strange when I really think about it.

      1. Unfortunately there are a lot of bushfires going on around our neck of the woods too, there was a lot of smoke hanging over everything when we got back. No fires too close to us though, thankfully. It is always a big risk here in Australia.

  6. Peter Jason Payne · · Reply

    Don’t worry. By late February it will feel like summer. It’s the Floridian summers that seem to last forever.

    1. I love summers in Florida. I prefer everything to be green and vibrant… and I love to swim. the cold is a nice change though. I just hope it doesn’t stay around as long as it did last winter…

  7. Shanna Daly · · Reply

    I know how you feel Doug! We came home the same day ad nearly froze as well. Georgia was way too cold for me! Brrrrr! I miss the warm, beach weather! Come on summer:)

    1. Hey Shanna- I know! At least you got to eat at The Rookery, my favorite place in Macon.

  8. For more information on why the weather has been so bizarre of late, people should look up H.A.A.R.P. and learn more about the contrails that are affecting our weather.

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