Longest Night Of The Year.

After winter comes the summer. After night comes the  dawn. And after every storm, there comes clear, open skies. ~ Samuel Rutherford

Doug hid from the solstice in my sock drawer.

Doug hid from the solstice in my sock drawer.

Doug heard me talking about the Winter Solstice yesterday- The longest night of the year.

He was acting a little strange at bedtime, but Doug is a strange monkey, and I didn’t give it much thought.

I woke up this morning and Doug was nowhere to be found. Puzzled, I looked around the house for that silly monkey.

I found him in my top drawer, where he apparently spent the night.

Doug doesn’t like the dark. I guess he got scared and tried to hide from the longest night of the year.

He wasn’t happy to learn that tonight, and not last night, will be the longest night. He hid for nothing. Doug only half listens at the best of times and he misunderstood what I was talking about.

This year has been a difficult one for us. Doug tried to hide from the darkness at the end, and learned you really can’t.

He’s going to stay up with me tonight and welcome the long dark, and look forward to the lengthening days that begin tomorrow.

No more hiding for us. We’re meeting the brighter future in the open, standing on our feet.




  1. Beautiful! I love your story! Such a powerful message woven in a cute story 🙂

    1. Thank you. Doug is able to get to the heart of a matter quickly. I guess it’s because he’s a silly monkey.

  2. Doug needs to learn that no matter how dark it is at night the sun is still shining down on the earth, we just have to wait for it to move over our house. It never hurts to visualize the divine white light filling up his own body and aura!

    1. That’s a good point… It’s along the lines of hearing a train in the distance in the middle of the night and being comforted knowing that someone else is awake…

  3. Fabulous story! Wishing you and Doug a light-filled new year…

    1. Thank you Susan… We wish you the same.

  4. Thanks to you and Doug for this post today, with all its light, dark, and shadows.

    1. We’re glad the sun returns tomorrow, and shines a bit longer each day.

  5. With style and aplomb you and Doug are sharing the kind of message that so many, myself included, need to read. I appreciate your perspective, John, and hope that, come what may, you continue to frame your experiences in such a way that others can benefit from your sharing them. Thank you for doing so.

    1. Thanks Glenn- I enjoy writing about life, and I’m glad you find value in it. We’re all more alike than not… I think it’s good to share what experiences we have, so others can see they aren’t alone.

  6. Nice post. I hope this year brings lots of good things to you and Doug!

    1. Thanks Penny- We wish the same for you as well.

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