In Honor Of The Longest Night Of The Year…

The longest night- Winter Solstice.

The longest night- Winter Solstice.



  1. Very beautiful indeed!!.. Una cita maravillosa, gracias..xx

  2. Paul J. Stam · · Reply

    The stars on any night makes one dream. Tell Doug to look at the stars and not at the dark.
    I want to hank you again for liking one of my posts. This time it was “River Congo – Excerpt 24” on – Thanks and Aloha – pjs.

  3. is that why it taking so long to pass!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Some short nights take forever to pass as well… I guess it’s relative…

      1. yup, sun will cum up soon i suppose here 🙂 … brrrrr…. frum colorado :). @ 8300 ft in snowland 🙂 .. an survived da longest night of da year huh! … thank god for fire 🙂 .. ~*(*@*@)*~~~~~~Sunny Dayzz Ahead!

      2. I’m in Florida, the sun is up and we’ve been unseasonably warm… 80 degrees yesterday!

      3. i know is why i was saying what i did , to show the differences huh.. is like 10 degrees out right now, but wish i could get on a surfboard wit ur buddy doug there and enjoy the florida sun instead, so normally id say stay warm, but in ur case i’ll jest say,,stay cool 🙂 as kewl as ya already are 🙂 yup yup :).. peace out 2 u an urs an oh yeah dougy 2 Q 🙂

      4. If you ever make it this far south, Doug will be happy to beach it with you… Sun, sand and waves… Christmas in Florida!

  4. loved it! 🙂

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