Now What?

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. ~Winston Churchill

Life is still here, waiting
Sitting on the couch with Doug and The Great Catsby...

Sitting on the couch with Doug and The Great Catsby…

The idea of my daughter being taken 650 miles away from me has been on my mind since May 24, 2013… Every day of writing this blog, every Doug drawing I created or photo I took, this thought was in my head…

Thankfully, this gnawing anxiety has been resolved, and in my favor… So, now what? That’s a very good question.

I move on with life, minus one huge fear. I expected to be bursting with joy today, the day after the decision… But I’m not.

I feel beat up… I feel sad for everyone involved. I know my ex wife is devastated, and that doesn’t bring me any happiness.

I want everyone to live the life they wish, but not at the expense of my relationship with my child…

Moving forward

Life is still here, even if I stopped thinking about it for a while. I still need to write the last few posts for my Finding Your Path In Life series… I’m still on temporary disability and my shoulder is still not right…

I need to get back into my blogging… I fear these last few days of my attention being elsewhere might have hindered its growth. I’ll add some fertilizer and get it growing again though.

I need to get back to living what Doug and I write about… The creation of a life of contentment and meaning for myself…

Step one

I do work in the kitchen, just not with food!

I made a Doug worry stone over the past few days… I carried it in my pocket while at court.

I think it will become the first of many Doug products that I’ll create.

I’m making a mold of it today, in the kitchen. My wife is at work so no one is here to tell me no.

Doug thought working on the counter top was a great idea…

I’ll post more about the stone once the mold is completed and castings are done.

Life goes one and so will we. It really does all work out in the end. Sometimes we’re happy with the results, and sometimes we’re not… But it DOES get worked out…

Doug and I want to up the number of happy results for ourselves and for everyone else… Let’s get to it!



  1. I’m glad that the court ruled in your favour, but can understand your sadness too. Just rest and don’t stress about what you should or shouldn’t do, as there’s a time and place for everything!

    1. I agree… It’s difficult to process everything and still remain productive… Perhaps a rest is in order!

  2. Now just HOW could “The Starting End” NOT like this one 😀

  3. Widowed 8 years ago with 3 small girls in a foreign Country, you learn life DOES go on and even get better. Not all the time, but the majority. I liked your quote….pain brings growth. Keep writing, write it out. I love reading your blog and can only wish you a soon found acceptance of peace and the ease of mind to put your next foot forward.

    1. Thank you- I appreciate you taking the time to share your story, and to offer reassurance.

  4. My husband ended up with sole custody of his daughter before we met and eventually, after we were married for a while, all of us relaxed and shared. She actually ended up going to live with her mother after seven years and it all worked out. But it is never easy for anyone. I hope you have a happy ending too.

    1. Thanks- We’ll all have an ending… It’s hard for anyone to be fully happy in situations like this.

  5. I agree with thenewsageblog. Don’t beat yourself up about regular blogging. I know it’s easier said than done. You have a large and sympathetic following, who will help to carry you through these obstacles life throws at you. Stay strong.

    1. Thanks Katie- I’m sitting here beating myself up about not writing a post today! I’m grateful for your input and support.

  6. Congratulations! Although it’s sad for your Ex-wife. Maybe you can move closer to one another for your daughter’s sake? If not.. someone may need a counselor to adjust. Now you all can let it sink in and get your strength back.

    1. We live close by each other now… She attempted, for the second time, to move out of state with my daughter. Life goes on…

  7. I’m sensing a massive amount of output from you…
    That makes me grin…

    1. Thanks Glenn- I need to get my monkey engines revved up again…

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