Be A Light.




  1. boobooda7 · · Reply

    This one I love! Geo

    1. Me too. It was a lucky find on Facebook that I felt was worth sharing.

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  3. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Hmmm… most of us do this.

    1. Amy Kurth · · Reply

      I wish more of us did…there are many people who definitely try to captain other people’s ships.

    2. Most of us try to be a captain of other’s ships or are lights of guidance?

      1. The First one… Cap of others ship….

      2. I agree. Which is why so many ships run aground…

      3. Why people are afraid of bold steps in life ? why they cant take risk for some good ? What is your opinion ?

      4. I feel change is scary and unknown for humans… We naturally avoid it. It’s easier to stay in a situation where you know what to expect… At least, that’s what I think. That’s why I’m taking risks and welcoming change into my life… To make it better.

      5. Hmm .. as far as i have noticed , most of the people are reluctant to take risks because of their family necessities . A man may have a courage to do something new , but the fear of losing the finance or stability of life create hindrance to his task. I think scare of seeing our family in some kind of trouble is a major issue.

      6. I think you’re correct too.Change can be risky and frightening. If it wasn’t, everyone would be living the life they dream about.

    1. Thanks, I’ll give it a read.

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  7. Or to captain the one boat that you’re fully expected to – your own!

    1. Tat would make life flow much too smoothly… We can’t have that!

  8. This really is one of the biggest mistakes people make. And the worst. Krishnamurthi is quoted as having said “getting in another’s way is doing violence to them.” The true use of compassion is knowing when to get out of somebody else’s way. You can’t save somebody else. You have no idea what their path is. By trying to save them (and you can’t) you are copping out on yourself and getting in the way of their meeting their own challenges which would bring them into their brightest self possible. Not good for you, not good for the other. Victim consciousness at its worst. GREAT POST !

    1. Great insight… I never thought of it like that. We all have our own lessons to learn. I’ve been guilty of being a pirate and hijacking other ships in the past… It’s hard to stand by and watch when others are “wrong” or “not doing it right”…I guess I need to get in my lighthouse and stay there!

  9. Yes! Love this!

  10. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine….. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Thanks for the reminder. Very helpful as I deal with my 20 year old daughter who is learning to be captain of her own boat in spite of my tendency to want to still be her captain sometimes. It’s not been easy to let go of her wheel, but that’s the only way for them to learn. This little light of mine……

    1. I bet. My daughter will be 14 next month… It seems like only last week she was a tiny baby with no hair that I had to carry around… Now she has hair like a Treasure Troll and doesn’t like to be carried!

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