Timing… Wait For It.




  1. yeh this happen to me to night! Nice picture …soothing

    1. I’m glad you liked it…

  2. Something I definitely need right now. ^_^

    1. I think we all tend to get impatient… I do, at least.

  3. The water is just beautiful!

    1. I think so too. I can’t take credit for it tough… I found the image on Facebook and don’t know who created it.

  4. I hope that perfect time will come soon 😀 .. because sometimes we wait toooooooo long for something but the perfect time is yet to come. We can only wait and pray 😀

    1. To me, it seems the waiting is sometimes part our a lesson… The more I want it to end, the longer it goeson.

  5. 2 kewl fer skewl 🙂 ………….

  6. Yes, I believe so.. everything I need it will come to me at the right time… Very powerful and awesome image.. I really love it.. Thanks John, you are such a kinder soul..x

    1. Keep believing Gloria- And align your actions with what you desire.

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    There’s procrastination and then there’s pure reliance on instincts. I have the uncanny disability to preserve both and somehow remain extremely innovative. All things come exactly when they will teach you the most about what life was really like yesterday. Thank Good Orderly Direction for Today eh!

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