Happy Sunshine Dog

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billing

Doug riding Sunshine... The most patient dog in the world.

Doug riding Sunshine… The most patient dog in the world.

One of the many animals that live in and around our house is Sunshine, the Swedish Vallhund… My Viking dog.

Sunshine is a very understanding and loyal fuzz ball. Here’s a picture of her from a few years ago, when Doug was new and daughter 2 thought it would be funny to make him ride Sunshine…

We were gone all day today, longer than is normal for us on a Saturday. Sunshine was left home with the cats and our crusty old Jack Russell Terrier.

While Sunshine gets along with the other animals, she prefers being around her humans…

She was happy to see that we did, in fact, return home after all…

Sunshine the smiling dog...

Sunshine the smiling dog…

This photo below is why we named her Sunshine…

We’re all happy, including the dogs, that we’re home.



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  2. Dogs Love us MORE than we often Love ourselves. Animals know emotions in a pure way, not a reactive way. And they don’t hold back showing it. (Well, cats can be slippery 🙂 ) Dogs Love us unconditionally. They don’t judge us. Here’s a good exercise. Become an observer and watch to see how many times you judge yourself. Know that when you do that you are saying “no” to Love. Don’t judge the judgment, just make note of it.

    In Divine Love, Julie

    1. We do judge ourselves all the time. I wrote a post about this titled “who lives inside your head?”. I’ve been trying to get rid of my inner critic.

  3. So cute, dogs are just the most loving and lovable creatures!

  4. Something interesting my mom told us, if u flip the word DOG backwards it spells GOD! GOD is Love, like DOG is Love. 🙂

    1. But hopefully dogs aren’t love backwards, which is evol… Nah… Sunshine is the opposite!

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