What Plans Have You Made?

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you. ~Thomas Jefferson

Take action, but have a plan
Make a plan and follow it!

Make a plan and follow it!

Doug and I are starting to think about our next steps towards creating our dreams.

We spent a lot of time figuring out what motivates us, what we want to do for the rest of our lives and how to overcome the obstacles in our way.

Now, we need to develop some plans to get to where we want to be.

I never made lists or wrote down goals in the past. Naturally, I didn’t have any structure or endpoints to work towards, and my efforts were scattered… Or I just let life happen.

Those days are over. I now make “to do” lists each day that help me stay focused and working towards my newly discovered goals. What goals? We’re glad you asked…

Questions to clarify my goals
  • What talents did I pinpoint and want to develop?- I discovered that I’m a creative problem solver. I want to use this skill to help others. My plan is to develop this talent and offer my services as a guide and fixer of creative lack.
  • What have I done so far to develop this talent?- I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know myself and figuring out what my motivations are. Using the knowledge I gained, I started writing this blog and offering my findings and processes for others to try out in their own lives.
  • Am I content with what I’ve done so far?- I am content with my progress so far.It seems others are interested in what I have to offer. A few people are following the exercises I present and update  me on their progress. Overall, I feel pretty pleased with how everything is turning out.
  • How do I plan to continue developing this talent?- I will continue to work on myself and discover new ways of self improvement. I’ll share my ideas here and gain feedback. Eventually, I’ll turn what I learn into marketable products and reach a larger audience. Forward movement, no matter how small, is  my goal.
  • What is my one year goal?- In one year I plan to have a large body of thoughts, ideas and creations that I can start making income from. I may start offering ebooks as a first step… I’m not a salesman so this is my biggest stumbling block now… Of course, the main theme will still be to help others.
  • What is my five year goal?- In five years I hope to be making a living off of the work I’m doing now. This income may come from books and maybe Doug related products… Get your Doug shirts here!  In five years I will be free from financial worry because I worked hard to develop my ideas now… And I’ll STILL be helping lots of others!
  • What is the next step I need to take to reach my goals?- I need to create some products that have real value and others will feel incline to purchase. I’m going to start looking into ebooks. I’m going to start developing some Doug designs for shirts and similar products. I’m thinking about working on a children’s book with Doug, and presenting simplified versions of what I’ve been writing about here.

If anyone has any suggestions or guidance to offer, we’re listening!

Always having something to do

There’s no reason for me to be bored or to waste time anymore. I know what I want to accomplish and I can direct my efforts towards doing so. Knowing what I want, I can make lists of smaller actions that will make progress towards my ultimate goals.

I don’t just sit and watch TV anymore. If we do put something on Netflix, I often am working on a less demanding but important task that fits into the overall picture of my five year plan. I need to learn about marketing, and advertising and product development. If I just sit and stare at the TV I feel it’s a total waste of my time and life… I like feeling like this. I like having a purpose…


It’s time to decide how to make your dreams a reality. You’ve spent a lot of time following along and discovering who you are and what you want. How will you make it all real? Ask yourself the following questions, based on what you discovered about yourself:

  • What talents did I pinpoint and want to develop?
  • What have I done so far to develop this talent?
  • Am I content with what I’ve done so far?
  • How do I plan to continue developing this talent?
  • What is my five year goal?
  • What is the next step I need to take to reach my goals?

Don’t rush through this exercise. Map out a solid plan and create a ladder to reach it. You’ll have no excuses to waste time anymore… There’s always something you can be doing to make your dreams real, when you have a plan…

What do you have to offer the world?



  1. Dear Doug, you sweet courageous thing, you. You already have a book! and I AM a marketer. You could easily get your book on Kindle or iPad for very little money. Let me know if you want help. Be a brave little monkey! You have everything within you that you need – it’s all here sitting on this blog waiting for the world to see! You could also do free easy SEO by making a free website via wix.com and make a link to your blog on your website and then make a link on your website to your blog. Believe me, it works, especially with the wide range of topics you will use as tags. You are a Mighty Monkey with so many gifts to share. YOU CAN DO IT ! Blessings, Julie

    1. Hey Julie- Thanks for the encouragement! I plan to research ebooks and such. I appreciate your offer of help,,,I’ll contact you via your blog so I don’t bore everyone here with my monkeyness…

  2. Wonderful plan, child, but do not forget to take time out to eat the bananas. Even monkeys need down time.

    1. Thank you for the reminder, Kelp. Bananas are stocked next to the hammock…

  3. It is very hard to be a salesman of your own work. I think you have to separate yourself from what is so dear to you (your beliefs) and then “go at it as if it wasn’t yours.” I try to do that wit my artwork, and it isn’t easy, but it is the only way I know how to sell something close to me.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I guess I need to step back and think of what I’ve done so far as a product… Come up with how it would be packaged if done by someone else.

  4. Wow! John, I can perfectly see your success already.. The amazing stuff you write will make a great self-help ebook and beyond, not to mention inspirational illustration book for children; I was thrilled when I bought for my son ‘I think I AM’ from Louise Hay, five years ago, just before my child was born, as there was no much around then, not to say nothing, of this kind. I completely understand you John, on your ‘salesman’ bit of a problem, I am useless at it myself, my Etsy shop is not doing well because of it; but I am sure you will fine. Marketing help has already been offered to you, so what are you waiting for, go on, make the jump, it will be ok, you are worth it and totally deserve it.. Love and light always.. Glo.x

    1. Thanks Gloria! I appreciate your input. I write about overcoming fear and here I am second guessing myself… You’re right. I just need to jump in and get going…

  5. Everyone needs a good five year plan – and thanks for reminding us that this applies not just to businesses but also to our personal lives! Great post.

    1. Thank you Debra!

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