Using a Storyboard to Help Create the Life You Want

Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat


Back when I was creating commercials and infomercials, I used a storyboard as a layout.  The storyboard is also used in many video and film mediums, including movies and television.  It is simply a visual representation of a script.  (By the way, storyboards is the modern version of ancient languages.  Even in my mother’s native language of Japanese, the characters are taken from pictures.)  The Disney Company first used this method back in the 1930’s.  If you were to look at storyboards, there is a similarity to a cartoon strip or comic book.  In a sense, a storyboard is like a large comic strip.

My friend, Andrea Arlington, brought forth an idea of using videos to help create a person’s best possible life that they want.  It’s looking into the future and creating a video of it.  I think it’s a great idea.  She’d add different phrases that would…

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