Don’t Wait…

start living


This is what Doug and I refuse to let happen to us. What about  you?



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  2. Tag it tolle it finds me 🙂 er is it da other way round LoL 🙂 an Dis’ is a Kewl One!…Q

  3. I love the way Eckhart Tolle says it. This is something I still struggle with (the waiting for something). But the fact that I acknowledge that is important, in my opinion. Because then it is a whole new perspective.

    1. Yes, Eckhart Tolle seems to have the right ideas, at least to me. The waiting for real life is a problem I deal with too, which is why I’m trying to work through it. Sometimes, I still feel like I’m 18… and my daughters will be that age in the next few years! I don’t want to be old and on my deathbed and still waiting to start life… Now I feel inspired to read my Eckhart Tolle books again.

      1. Yes, if it resonates, he has right ideas. 😉 I think you’re doing great. Your blog is becoming more popular every day. You help inspire people. 🙂 I turned 22 few days ago but sometimes I still feel like a little child incapable of doing something on my own… I read only ‘The Power of Now’ but it was great. Also I saw my father reading it today so I love the synchronicity with your post.

      2. Thanks, Alla. Happy belated birthday! “A New Earth” is very good too… I think I like it better than “The Power Of Now”… There seems to be a lot of synchronicity going on in the past couple days. That’s a good thing…

      3. Thank you! ..I think I’ll buy “A New Earth” as a gift for my dad. ..Yeah! Synchronicity is always a good sign. 🙂

  4. Very nice John, I agree completely. Despite reading Eckhart Tolle ‘The power of now’ many years ago, I am still waiting to start living. I need to keep reminding myself, and keep working towards my dream. Thank you for your constant encouragement and example.
    (P.S. Running to get my 4 year old to school…..arrrrgghhhhrr. Time does not stop)

    1. It’s worth another read, and I’m going to start on it again later today.”A New Earth” will be second on my reading list this week… I’m happy you feel encouraged by my efforts. I want everyone to be living the life they dream of.

  5. I don’t want to wait either, but I am still looking for the key to unlock whatever is preventing me to do so… LoL..xx

  6. This is so true, we all want to start living, but….. there is always a but.

    1. The buts are what need to be overcome. Buts are just the scary stories we tell ourselves… It’s usually our inner critic, who really doesn’t serve a useful purpose in our lives. Get rid of the buts and replace it with why not…

      1. I agree, fear is our biggest problem

  7. It’s good to refuse to let pessimism or discouragement or fear to hold us hostage. That’s what I think of from that statement. Not living gives me the impression of being in a static condition; being stagnant. We can get stuck in ‘non-living’. So, it’s good to refuse to stay stuck in that ‘non-living’ state. But that is just one piece to the puzzle. Another piece to the puzzle is ALLOWING ourselves to live. I need to allow myself to live. That’s different than refusing to not live. There is a difference between forcing and allowing. We often try to fix something with this attitude: ‘I will NOT do that bad thing again! I will NOT do that bad thing again! I WILL NOT DO THAT BAD THING AGAIN!” And then we do the bad thing again. It’s because, by trying to force out the bad thing, we give all our energy and focus to it. What we give our energy and focus to will expand. We want it to shrink, not expand.

    1. Good points. Allowing ourselves to live is key, which is why I posted this in the first place. Recognition of the trap of waiting to live allows us to move on to living in the now…

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