Complaints And Unfulfilled Needs.

What do you complain about? Everyone has situations, people and circumstances that make them feel frustrated and even helpless.  It’s easy to spout off and whine about everything, but it’s not so easy to actually do something to remedy the problem causing the complaint.

Doug and I noticed that we sometimes start feeling agitated for no apparent  reason. We’ve gotten pretty good at accepting exterior occurrences and not letting them ruin our day. But sometimes our subconscious goes into obsess mode, and the anxiety and tenseness produced will rise to conscious level.

We decided to make a list of the common things we complain about. This isn’t as easy as it first appears. Many of our complaints are internalized and run on a continuous loop. This is a self perpetuating condition… If you think you’re going to have a bad experience, you probably will. It seems like everyone does this to themselves…

Doug and I thought about what still stresses us out, and what mindsets ruin our otherwise positive mood. It took some mental digging and introspection, but we managed to pry out the roots of our mood killers… Our complaints.

Doug made a list of our complaints. We examined each one and looked for what is needed to quell the complaint. Complaining is unproductive. Pinpointing what is needed to satisfy a complaint will propel us down our path to contentment. Our list of complaints and what’s needed to counter them looks like this:

      Complaint.                                What’s needed to quell complaint.

  • I have no direction.- A path.
  •  don’t have enough money.- A sustainable life and an independent income.
  • I’m depressed.- Hope.   
  • I get frustrated and angry.-Guidance.
  • I’m lost.- A map.
  • I’m scared.-The truth.
  • I have no motivation.-A reason to be alive.
  • I don’t get enough appreciation.-Live in the now, instead of the past or future.

I’ve already defeated some of these personal complaints, but listed them here to illustrate the concept.


What are you constantly complaining about? List the complaints that always are looping around in your mind: not enough money, leaking roof, don’t know what to do, no time… Think deeply about this, and try to uncover the complaints that you may not even realize you keep repeating to yourself.

Write down your complaints. Now think about each one, and what’s needed to quell the complaint. Don’t try to solve the complaint now, just identify what’s lacking and causing the complaint. Write down what’s needed next to each complaint.

Calvin and Hobbes. Copyright- Bill Watterson.

Calvin and Hobbes. Copyright- Bill Watterson.

Sometimes we complain and don’t realize we’re doing it. The complaint becomes reality, in spite of us NOT wanting it that way. Positive thought creates positive outcomes. We have to become aware of our thoughts, our complaints, and have a solution for each. As Bill Watterson, the creator of the best comic strip ever Stated:

We all have different desires and needs, but if we don’t discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled. ~ Bill Watterson

Reclaim you wishes!


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